About ME

Hi, I'm Alec!

I work at WWF in the UK and I'm passionate about marine conservation. I've been lucky enough to call this my job for 3 years, and live and work in the buzzing city of Cardiff, Wales.

My path to get here hasn't been straightfoward: a degree in Economics with German, two years in finance, even dreams of becoming a baker before I realised the oceans were what I was most passionate about.

My day job mainly involves talking to decision makers in meetings or workshops to try and deliver change that helps the marine environment. This could be a new policy or piece of legislation, or equally testing out innovative technologies to keep our seas cleaner and quieter.

This WCMT fellowship is a chance for me to explore the practical realities behind some of those decisions, out there in the field and seeing some amazing marine areas. It's good for the soul!

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